Terms & Conditions


Unless specified, all products are sold F.O.B from shipping warehouses and they are shipped at the buyers’ risk and expense. The prices you see on the web site do not include freight costs, federal, state, local or other taxes and duties. Tellus Tile reserves the right to change its prices and specifications of its products at any time without notice.


It is buyer’s responsibility to inspect the shipment prior to installation. Claims for damage, quantity or any error must be recorded on the original receiving documents and reported within twenty-four (24) hours.

All claims must be made in writing before installation. Tellus Tile may conduct its own investigation after claim is made. Subsequent to any investigation, if necessary, Tellus Tile shall have the right to supply substitute products.

Installation of products is assumed acceptable and Tellus Tile will not be liable for any claims of incorrect product such as but not limited to wrong size, color, shape, shade or package.

Tellus Tile will not be liable for any delay in delivery, suspension or cancellation of performance or other failure of performance hereunder due to any causes beyond its control, including but not limited acts of natural forces or government, labor disputes or inability to secure materials, labor or transportation.


Special orders or non-stock products cannot be returned and deposits on such products are non-refundable. All return requests must be made within 15 days of shipment date and prior to installation. All products accepted for return must be in good shape in its original state in unopened packaging, in full case quantities. All returns will be subject to a 25% handling fee, any third party restocking charges, and forfeiture of any deposit. All shipping costs of returning products will be the responsibility of the Buyer.


Please keep in mind that manufactured tile is subject to variation due to an inherent variability in raw materials and production process. Ceramic tile with a rating of V3 or V4 may contain higher levels of variation. Natural stone products including but not limited to travertine, limestone, granite, marble, onyx, and slate are products of nature. They are cut from natural formations which may inherently contain high levels of variation.

All sizes are nominal. Tellus Tile does not warrant stone products for shade, size, thickness, warping, cleft variations, surface finish variations, or other natural defects. In no event, Tellus Tile will be viable for any variation in shade and/or color between tiles received and sample tiles.